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Irvine, CA – The Center for New Medicine is proud to announce that it was recently quoted in a Daily Dot article titled, “Do Trauma and Stress Cause Cancer? Doctor Weighs In.” This article explores the potential link between extreme stress and the development of cancer, emphasizing the impact of stress on the hypothalamic-pituitary axis and cortisol production.

In the article, Dr. Connealy from The Center for New Medicine shares her insights: “A common theme that I see in patients regularly is that they have usually suffered some very, very stressful event. It could be extreme work conditions. It may be a child, it might be a parent, it might be a divorce, but they usually have gone under some extreme stress, which we know affects the whole hypothalamic-pituitary axis and the cortisol production. And extreme cortisol production is contributing to the way cancer grows and proliferates.”

The Center for New Medicine is dedicated to addressing the root causes of cancer, including the impact of stress and trauma. Our comprehensive Cancer Support program integrates advanced medical protocols with holistic approaches to provide personalized care for each patient.

Learn more about our Cancer Support program:

About Dr. Connealy

Dr. Connealy has over 30 years of experience in the medical field, specializing in homeopathic, nutritional, and lifestyle approaches to disease, chronic illness, and integrative/functional medicine cancer treatments. She has completed numerous advanced courses and is renowned for her expertise in alternative cancer therapies. Dr. Connealy also educates medical practitioners worldwide and participates in public speaking engagements, webinars, and podcasts, including “The Truth About Cancer” and series with Jonathan Otto, Sarah Otto, Nathan Crane, and Dr. Mercola.

At The Center for New Medicine, Dr. Connealy offers the most scientifically and technologically advanced equipment and protocols to ensure the highest quality care for her patients.

For more information about The Center for New Medicine and Dr. Connealy’s work, please visit

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