Complementary Therapies

Our "prescriptions" routinely feature customized dietary and lifestyle recommendations, natural nutritional supplements, and conventional pharmaceutical remedies if necessary including complementary therapies with lifelong benefits.


Technologically Advanced

Our clinic contains some of the world’s most technologically advanced medical equipment, devices normally only found at select university research hospitals.



Non-Invasive Treatment

Unlike regular clinics, we offer non-invasive integrative treatments tailored to meet the individual needs of our patients, without damaging their health.


World Renowned Experts

We treat the patient with the disease and not the disease of the patient. Backed by twenty-seven years of knowledge, our team of specialists has some of the world’s most renowned experts.

CFNM News  

Why Detox?

In our daily lives we are exposed to and absorb toxins that are potentially harmful to our well-being and our...

Office Hours for January 2015

Center For New Medicine Will Be Closed: New Year’s Eve, Wednesday, December 31st (at 12:00 PM) New Year’s Day, Thursday,...

Holiday Specials Through January 15th

Behavioral Relationship Entrainment (BRE) Introductory Package – $250 (Regularly priced at $320) This Includes (1) NeuroElectrical, (1) Neurophysiology, & (1)...

Testimonials & Cases  

  • Our clinic has had multiple situations of patients with migraines, PMS, and hormonal imbalances. We regulated hormones naturally, gave them nutritional guidelines, made dietary recommendations, and the patients felt remarkably better. Patients have told our medical staff on a regular basis: “You saved my life”.
    CFNM PatientCFNM Patient
  • ”My husband has seen a difference since I started seeing Dr. Connealy. I feel awesome!”
    CFNM PatientCFNM Patient
  • “Dr. Connealy, every morning I say a prayer of thanksgiving for you. I am not the same person I was a year ago. I am alive and although not ‘happy’ all the time, I have a sense of well being and confidence. …Life is good! I am grateful I found you!”
    CFNM PatientCFNM Patient
  • “Once again, thanks for all your help. You’ve made it possible for me to have a normal life.”
    CFNM PatientCFNM Patient
  • “I wish for a moment, you could experience how much better I feel today than three years ago.”
    CFNM PatientCFNM Patient
  • Female patient came in with anxiety for years. After running lab tests, found to be diabetic, and low in testosterone. Symptoms were resolved after integrative treatment.
    CFNM PatientCFNM Patient
  • Female, weighing 300# initially with chronic migraines, was taking Lupron. Put on Progesterone SR, changed diet, made nutritional recommendations, lost 100#...
    CFNM PatientCFNM Patient
  • Another patient was a pre-menopausal woman who had lost her usual high-energy functioning level. She was experiencing frequent mental and physical fatigue, was having difficulty sleeping and had constant severe lower back and hip pain. The patient tried traditional orthopedic care and...
    CFNM PatientCFNM Patient